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The Space55

                     Spatial Experiments II 

                                                                           Lund University

                                                 Year: 2019

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


I have started to build my concept by asking questions to myself. My first question was do I have think library and bar seperately? Can they transform into each other? How can I make those spaces closer? And the other thing that I was interested in is the way we perceive the spacesAnd how architecture communicates with our bodies, triggering our senses and creating varying spatial arrangements, stimulating different feelings and states of mind. My goal was creating ambuiguity in boundaries in these spaces by creating contunity and differentiation. During the process, I was mainly interested in creating spaces build by fibrous materials. Jumping to the site, my project is in one of the old buildings in kodbyen. Since the beginning my main goal was exploring the in between space qualities 



Benefitting the dualities of the old existing building and the new space qualities and to test how they can actually intereact with each other. So by thinking about triggering different senses and creating ambiguity in boundaries, things shaped. I started to test different levels of permeability tests in surfaces to have different lighting qualities by wrapping up it with more or less curves- or fibers. By doing that, I was trying to get how different levels of permeaability would effect the way we perceive the space instead of putting the physical boundaries between library and bar? Potentially, by playing with permeability in the surfaces which are creating spaces, I can get lighter and darker spaces. When it is more porous in the surfaces, it could get more light, and potentially it could be inviting for reading, and when its darker it could be ideal for bar environment


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