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Emotionally Unavailable Plant

                     Computational Design and Digital Fabrication  

                                                                           Stuttgart University

                                                 Year: 2022

w/ IvanaTrifunovic and Alina Turean 


Since the pandemic started, and working from home became the new norm, your plant has been your most faithful companion. Bringing life and color to your desk, cheering you up during your long and lonely days, easy to take care of… Yeah, buying that plant was definitely a good idea. And, unlike humans, your plant will never let you down and break your heart, right?

But… aren't you tired of healthy relationships? Don’t you miss the thrills of doubt and uncertainty? Don’t you want to feel the need to be comforted? We see you, and we hear you.

Let us introduce you to the very first Emotionally Unavailable Plant: the plant that will bring you the toxic relationship you didn't know you needed.

A plant that doesn't want you to get attached to it, is exasperated by your affection, and wants to have nothing to do with your personal problems. As long as you keep your relationship casual, your plant will stay around and even make cute sounds. But beware, if your petting become too intrusive, it will quickly run away from you and your silly feelings.


Your relationship with your favorite plant will probably deteriorate, but don't you think it's time to free it from your bad vibes and mood swings?


Link to the detailed Instructables page:

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