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I'm Selin Sevim, at the crossroads of innovation, where robotics, artificial intelligence, automation, and human-robot interaction converge. My journey into this dynamic field began with a background in architecture, a discipline that I initially trained in at Stuttgart University through the ITECH program.

Beyond the world of technology, I find joy in exploration. Having visited 40 different countries and lived in 5 diverse places, I've gained a unique blend of perspectives that quietly influence my work and personality.

While my roots lie in architecture, my passion for technology, particularly in the realms of robotics and AI, steered me towards an exciting  career in a field that constantly pushes the boundaries of what's possible. The fusion of creativity and technology has been the driving force behind my professional endeavors, shaping my unique perspective on problem-solving, innovation and understanding the current world we are living in.


Navigating my professional path, I am driven by a commitment to develop technology that not only pushes the boundaries of our capabilities but also elevates the way we engage with it and how we live together with the technology we are surrounded with.

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