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My name is Selin Sevim.I have graduated from Lund University, Sweden with the Masters in Science in Architecture degree in June, 2019. My specialisation is called Spatial Experiments explores the intersection of architecture, digital technologies and science (particularly biology)  which operates within the field of computational architecture design to create responsive and adaptive buildings, to explore material attributes and new arrangements of it, and to drive new architectural, cultural and aesthetic conversations.

As a traveller who has been to thirthy five different countries, I have fully immersed myself in diverse cultures and design perspectives. I have lived in various countries such as Denmark, Spain, Canada, Finland, Turkey and in Sweden for my master studies. 


I am an architect with a special interest in Space Architecture. Following my thesis, I have presented my masters thesis in European Space Agency.

Selin Sevim


I did my internships in diverse architectural firms in different countries that helped me to fully understand the practical sides of the architecture in the various international platforms. I have always wanted to learn more about the housing and, worked in  Cadaval & Solà-Morales which is Spain and Mexico based architecture firm. My special interest towards the sustainable and self-sufficient design and awareness about the ecological problems led me to work in Denmark and Finland. During my internship in White Arkitekter in Denmark, I consolidated my vision and design knowledge about the housing in a big scale architecture firm concerning these matters. In HelsinkiZurich in Finland, I was involved in an international team to work on urban and building design competition in Kuopio.

Here is a link to my thesis



2021 - 

The Integrative Technologies & Architectural Design Research M.Sc. Program (ITECH)

Stuttgart University

2017 - 2019

Lund University

Master of Science in Architecture

2014 - 2015

Carleton University

Exchange Studies

2012 - 2017

Istanbul Technical University

Bachelor of Architecture

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