Poétique Territories

Bachelor Thesis,

Istanbul Technical University

Year: 2017

Location: Istanbul, Turkey


Retrospective to prehistory : to productivity : First settlement of Kadikoy was found out to be Fikirtepe according to the archelogical excavation in 1950. The excavation enlightens certain things related to the lifestyle of Fikirtepe during the Neolithic Period. With the excavation results, we could say that Fikirtepe culture was blended with hunter- collector- fishermen communities which takes us the idea of the first productive economy in the area and creating convenient lifestyle according to the water conditions in area. Settlers used to live in lodges where they hunted, went fishing and collected which says to us that the exisitence of productive life.


Distopian futures of informal neighborhoods Cities have been growing and transforming as investment machines. We as citizens, architects, urban planners and politicians fail to face with the certain neighborghoods
which have informal characters. Without a vision, nothing but dystopian future is awating us. Fikirtepe is one step closer to the dystopian future. It is demanding re-definition and interpretation of social, economic and political meanings that caused the environmental degredation which is the affect of the social and political degredation.

Poetique Territories is located in Fikirtepe, Istanbul. Today, Fikirtepe undergoes massicve transformation and draws an dystopian future. The main idea of project is investigating new kind of urban forms by learning and researching the existing life forms and production habits in site and creating an ecological and sustainable life forms by blending the existenting situation.
Site of the complex building situates in a historical area where the first pre-historical productive communities lived.
Poetique Territories’ program blends diverse things housing, commercial areas and ateliers. Main focus is making Fikirtepe productive, self sustainable by using what is already there and integrating community in the developing process. Productivity is breaking barriers of neighborhood and emphasizing the existing potentials. While facing the heritage of the past, we have to keep the productive sides of the community and create heterogenous usages. Today, we know that hybrid usages of the spaces create stronger character. Productive neighborhood must be based on mixture of uses, where they all support each other to create harmony. We know that diverse and dynamic productive spaces will be easily adaptable to change and future.