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Rosengård Youth Factory

                     Advanced Architectural Design  

                                                                           Lund University

                                                 Year: 2019

Location: Malmö, Sweden

The site acts as a buffer zone between several urban areas of Malmö that differ in socio economic status and demography.The diversity of the area serves as one of its greatest strenghts with a wide variety of functions, scales and spaces as well as social diversity in the form of cultures and background Sofielund’s industrial part is full of life and different functions and activities have found their way into the area and settled to create a vibrant space.

The lack of socially sustainable urban structure creates some difficulties for the area to fully function despite the vibrant life.
The area lacks connections and clear movement paths as well as night time activation. It leads to a space that empties at night and becomes unsafe and lacks movement. The lack of strong connections and large barriers pose diffulties for the area to connect. The aim is to create a project that links the areas together and allows connections in between.

The urban pathway is alligned by pockets of activation in the shape of squares, green spaces and new built structures that serves the socio economic development of the area and brings social sustainability to the place.The project focuses a lot on a younger generation- a generation that is very present in the urban space but in the area has a lower employment level and educational level that rest of the city. By focusion on activationg younger generation, a positive trend is likely to spread throughout the area and elp the whole population in providing activity, communication, connections, social settings and movement through the city. 


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