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Studio 5,  Carleton University

Year: 2015

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands


UrbanX is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The main program of UrbanX is based on the rowing club. Extended program of UrbanX contains library, the multipurpose room with basketball court, café, yoga space, dance room and specialized spaces for rowing club and dock. The neighbourhood of UrbanX consists of human scale houses gathered together around the canal. The site area of UrbanX is surrounded by the trees and these human scale houses. The main concept of the building derives from the idea of the distorted line touches to the many elements in the site. UrbanX is designed to be between the trees and the water. UrbanX is projecting to the street with its high level compartment and goes down to touch the water which is designed to be rowing club and continues with the idea of distorted line to create the other spaces in the building. The concept of UrbanX blends the tactility of wood material usage and transparency.

UrbanX is a distorded line building.

UrbanX is between the trees and the water.

UrbanX is touching the water.

UrbanX is touching the trees.

UrbanX is a tactile building.

UrbanX is made out of wood.

UrbanX is a transparent building.

UrbanX enables you to see the trees when you look through if you are standing in front of the waterside.

UrbanX is for you to feel. Feel the water, feel the trees and feel urbanX.

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