Aquatic Oddity

Studio 7,  Istanbul Technical University

Year: 2017

Location: New York, USA


Aquatic Oddity is located in Pier 57 in NYC, USA. The building functions as “ Aquatic Research and Education Center” which is run by marine scientists, aquaculturist, environmental engineers and volunteers to build a vision about water. Water has never been the main element that Manhatteners and Manhattan have intimate relationship. Blurring the edges between land and water is significanly importnat issue related to living with the water and ecological issues. The main ideas is creating connection with Aquatic Oddity and trying to enlighten these issues. Smooth transitions getting more importance. To live with the water, to live with the Hudson River to create new ecological ways and cultures related to the water to create ways to live with the incoming disasters are important future visions of Manhattan. The building consists of laboratories and spaces for growing oysters. Also the educational spaces for wetlands.

Participatory Design for New Yorkers
The restoration of native oysters population is an important aspect of constructed wetland strategy, oyster consume algae and blooms of phtoplankton that rob the water of oxygen, needed by fish, and other marine life. Their creviced beds create underwater reefs, consummate habitat for worms, shrimp, crustoceans, and fish. Oysters have been the biggest ecological engineers and the food of newyorkers in 1609, there existed 220,000 acres in Hudson River. Oysters have been one of the most biologicallyproductive diverse and dynamic being on the planet.

By 1906, New Yorkers had destroyed all the reefs. because of that reason Hudson River is almost ecologically lifeless and toxis for almost for over 50 years. in 1971, Clean Water Act tried to improve the water.


Aquatic oddity includes laboratory spaces to restore the oysters. The restoration processes of restoring and building oyster reefs for the remote setting and grow out,there needs spaces, having a relationship with water. To raise the oyster, aquatic oddity will act as organism living with the water,having symbiotic,visible,legible and transpanent responses to the program. There are education spaces.These spaces produce its own kind of system responding to the water, more visible from the outside. each program element acts as legible to surroundings. Designing underwater monitoring equipment spaces and program related to researching and education. Energy production is based on wind energy and have energy to sustain the simbiotic self-sufficient system. Oyster production zone is welcoming scuba divers to raise the oysters and discovering the growing marine system and learning the scuba diving. Entrance to the building is aimed as bluring the edges between the district and water, public paterns and porous surfaces by wetlands. There are paths act as public paths through the wetlands. Also collecting the water from the overflooding and providing the district is another main issue of building.